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What method does the vacuum kneader use to adjust the temperature?

In the current situation of the continuous development of various industries, its vacuum kneading machine products have also been well used and developed. More and more manufacturers have begun to use this product. Through our investigation, some vacuums have been found. The use of kneading machine products is understood and mastered, but it is not known to some first-time users. In order to make these newcomers better use their products, the manufacturer introduces the vacuum kneading machine to the thermostating form, using electric heating. Steam, oil heating, water cooling and other methods, using hydraulic turning cylinder and opening cover. The discharging method includes hydraulic pressure, overturning cylinder dumping, ball valve discharging, screw extrusion, etc. The cylinder and the blade and material contact parts are all made of SUS304 stainless steel. Made to ensure product quality, we know that in order to master a product, you need to know the product knowledge in detail so that you can achieve the best results.